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Our butters are 100% organic and natural, and thus it is perfect to use on kids! Our butters are great for hair & skin. The butters are an ALL-IN-ONE, being useful for everything from moisture retention in your hair to reduce the appearance of blemishes on your skin.

Ek gebruik die oilie vir my vel ook en ekt gesien daar is ‘n groot verandering dis hoekom ek daai klein een spesifiek vir my vel gekoop het, baie dankie! Ek waardeur dit baie hoor!

Charlene Oliphant
Valued Customer

Absolutely love this product, It keeps my 4c hair moisturized and hydrated. I have managed to use it for more than 6 months because a little goes a long long way.

Lameez Benjamin
Valued Customer

My ultimate favourite product of the lot! Because I suffer(ed) from pityriasis rosea, I have to steer clear from fragrant products and decided to give baby a go (less than 6 months ago- I think). My skin absolutely loves this gem and slowly but surely I can see the marks on my body fade. I am not a committed naturalista but dabble with curls time and again... and man! This product comes through every time. Whether on dry or wet hair, my curls be popping. My hair has been keratin treated, yet when i use the bantu knot method this shea butter, one would never tell. Love! Love! Love! What are you waiting for? Get yours already!!

Valued Customer

This grapeseed Butter has been my fav by far. It is a staple in my regimen - Type 3 Low Porosity hair. It always leaves my hair hydrated and lasts for a few days. I also use it on my skin, struggling with hives and you know those ugly pimple marks, this butter has done the trick.

Megan Daniels
Valued Customer

How was Shea by Design born?

Laetitia Piers

founder & director

Shea by Design (Est. 2018) was born by an innovative and passionate woman looking to give fellow naturals a product that is more affordable and organic while giving them the most significant results. Shea by Design’s founder, Laetitia Piers, started her natural hair journey in March 2017. She started transitioning for few months until April 2017 when she did the big chop. She blogged all about it on her page Curly Tisha and her blog, you can read all about it by clicking on those links. Her love for research is innate because she is a scientist by profession. Thus, her love for researching products used by naturals and blogging about her natural hair was inevitable. Throughout her natural hair journey and since the start of her page and blog, she’s been contacted by other naturals that need products specially designed for their hair, and essentially that’s how Shea by Design was born. She saw the opportunity to design these products for naturals who need them and make these quality products available to them at a more affordable price than most retailers.



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